If you like cider you’ll love this!

Urban Orchard is a cider blended with all the forgotten apples that grow around our city -  apples picked by the community from London's many small orchards, local spaces, parks and even back gardens. Each year, we will plant more apple trees in public spaces so that our community crop will grow and grow.

Urban Orchard is the brainchild of Simon Wright of Hawkes who approached us in 2014 with the concept of making a unique new cider blended with city apples. We love the idea!

Hawkes Urban Orchard

Father Nature can see that Urban Orchard will produce a delicious product that communities can support and nurture, helping promote sustainability, prevent food waste and encouraging local food buying and sourcing. Hawkes also promises to plough a healthy slice of the cider profits straight back into the community for more fun and fruitful growing projects. And with Brockwell Park Greenhouses also on board, how could we say no?!

We want no apple to go to waste. Together we can help Hawkes increase the % of urban apples in the blend, year after year. The more trees, the more apples, so if you would like to join in the growing, email Father Nature at [email protected] and ask us to come by and plant one of the free apple trees Hawkes are generously donating to the project.

Even better, Hawkes will pay for the apples you pick (in ready cash or in delicious cider).

To find out more, then sign up here and become an apple donor.

See Hawkes / Urban Orchard press release