Improving the health and well being of London residents through greener streets and access to nature has always been one of our central aims. Over the years we have been involved in multiple projects that focus on greening London one street at the time. Whether it’s pocket parks, school outside areas, community gardens or new community planters, we aim to help provide safer greener environments with cleaner air where people can interact with the great outdoors and explore growing and gardening.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Throughout 2020 and 2021 we have been working in partnership with Lambeth Council on implementing its Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) directive with Father Nature commissioned to deliver all the traffic calming planters. With emergency government COVID funding as well as financial support from TFL and the Major of London’s Liveable Neighbourhoods programme, the idea behind LTNs is to make our streets places where pedestrians and cyclists feel safe to enjoy active travel and be part of life on their street free from rat running cars and commercial vehicles. So far we have designed, built and installed over 50 planters across the borough including those at Oval Triangle, Railton Road, Tulse Hill, Ferndale and Streatham Hill. While opinions about the benefits of LTNs are strongly divided, we have made sure that our planters are long lasting and sturdy. They also have built in irrigation and plenty of grade A soil inside them to encourage the community to use them for fruit, herb, veg and flower growing. We are also offering spring and summer bulbs to anyone wanting to spruce up their local planter. Write to us here if you would like some for a planter near you.

Loughborough Junction Green Link

Another scheme we have been proud to be a part of in 2020 is the brainchild of architect Armeet Panesar at Poroban who felt strongly that there should be more greenery and better air quality for pedestrians along Brixton’s Coldharbour Lane and its surrounds. After a determined effort to gain both government and local funding Armeet finally got the go ahead for the Loughborough Junction Green Link, a series or large street-side planters running from Wyck Gardens in Loughborough Junction to Ruskin Park. Throughout Lockdown at our depot in Myatt’s Fields Park we worked to create the perfect planters based on Armeet’s designs. We’re pretty chuffed with the results.