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The Father Nature Experience – Testimonials

"Gardening is good, it brings everyone together."
D Allman, 2014.
"It’s good to see what neighbours can do together."
A Broadley, 2014.
"I think it’s good that the residents all pushed the council to get this done, it really brings the community together."
M. Chapman, 2014
"It’s an amazing way to bring people and neighbours together. It makes the place look nicer. There should be more gardening done around the world."
A. Gallop, 2014
"I love community gardening, I’ve been doing it with my family for a couple of years. It’s nice for everyone to get chatting and to see the results at the end.”
P. Newman, 2014
"It’s brilliant to see community involvement in Russell Grove."
P. Sapsford, 2014
"Good tenants achievements with the gardening. Well done to everyone who came and helped."
R. Lawrence, 2014
"This has been great fun, it’s good for the community, it gets everyone out and improves the community greatly."
 J Newton, 2014
"Great event – it’s good for the community, well done everyone."
N. Newton, 2014