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Transforming Urban Spaces with Nature

Father Nature is a unique landscape gardening company and social enterprise dedicated to making gardening and nature accessible to everyone, no matter where you live.


At Father Nature, we offer a range of landscaping and gardening services designed to enhance both private and public spaces. Whether you're looking to transform your garden into a personal oasis, green your local high street, or create a vibrant, educational environment at your school, we have the expertise and passion to make it happen.

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Expert landscape design to beautify your garden or outdoor areas.

Brixton Maze in June 2024

Leading community projects to improve streets, parks, and other communal areas.

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Transform school grounds to engage kids with nature and encourage wildlife to thrive.

What we offer

  • High-Quality Landscaping: Competitively priced design and maintenance for both private and public spaces.

  • Community Engagement: Our projects bring people together, enhancing public and private green spaces for living, learning, growing, and playing.

Herb Plants

Our impact

Public Collaborations

Partnering with councils, TfL, and environmental organizations to create green, pedestrian-friendly streets and improve air quality.

Educational Projects

Working with schools to develop outdoor learning areas and promote sustainability.

Community Partnerships

Creating community gardens and green spaces with local groups and individuals.

Private Spaces

Designing gardens, balconies, and rooftops for personal enjoyment and relaxation.

Community Events

Hosting nature-based events to celebrate and enjoy our parks and green spaces.

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Our commitment

Reinvestment: 51% of our profits go back into the community, supporting various projects at low or no cost.

Fair Wages: We ensure all employees are paid the London Living Wage or higher.

Join us in making London greener, friendlier, and more connected with nature.

Our founder

James Swayne is the founder and CEO of Father Nature, or 'Fat Nat' as he likes to call it. Having lived in Brixton for over 25 years, James' love of gardening is matched by his keen interest in his community.

His happy childhood memories of learning to garden alongside his mother Carmel inspired him to start Father Nature in 2005 as a voluntary gardening project for young and teenage dads and their kids in Lambeth in collaboration with St. Michael's Fellowship, a local family charity.

Since 2005 Father Nature has grown alongside James' personal mission to get local people growing together and having fun outside. He now works closely with young dads, local schools, Lambeth and Southwark council, TfL and London BID organisations and a host of like minded educational and growing groups to make Lambeth a flagship for innovative and sustainable community gardening projects.

James is a qualified landscape designer with a City & Guilds Garden Design Diploma, and the Royal Horticultural Society Level II.  He is also an Accredited Capel Manor External Tutor and BTEC Adult Coach, will full DBS clearance.

James Swayne
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