Father Nature is a landscape gardening company & social enterprise with a difference. We believe in access to nature for all, wherever you live.

You can hire us to:

As a social enterprise we offer competitively priced high quality private and public realm landscaping design and maintenance as well as greening projects for schools and inner city growing communities. All our work brings people together to create, improve or expand public areas, community and private green spaces for living, learning, growing and playing. We connect city folk, young & old, with the potential of London’s growing spaces, with nature, with each other.

Father Nature works for the public realm include collaborations with Borough Councils and the GLA, Transport for London, and a host of environmental organisations and agencies:

• Partnering with local councils, architects, engineers and city planners to create pedestrian and cyclist friendly streets with better air quality through ‘green interventions’ such as traffic calming planters, rain gardens and pocket parks.

• Collaborating with educators to create child friendly outdoor learning & growing areas & support teaching opportunities about sustainability, nature & food growing.

• Partnering with community groups, TRAs and individuals to create community growing spaces making London greener, friendlier, safer, healthier.

• Working with individuals who want their private garden, balcony or roof top to be a place to rest, play or grow.

• Running outdoor nature based events to bring people together in a celebration of our parks and green spaces.

51% of our profits are ploughed back in for the benefit of the community. We offer our time and resources free or at low cost to a growing number of community projects every year.

Father Nature pays all its employees the London Living Wage or above.