Father Nature is very excited to have found two places in Brixton – Dexter Playground and Max Roach Playground - where we will be developing our free 'Play and Grow' sessions.

Areas just for growing fruit and veg has been set aside beyond the swings and slides so parents and children can drop in and get their hands dirty while learning together from local gardeners about all things horticultural. Parents and carers in cities often struggle to find free and exciting outdoor 'stuff' to do with the kids, but our 'Play and Grow' sessions provide fun for both children and adults on a project that they can literally see grow before their eyes.

Our Spring/Summer sessions are over for the summer but we hope to be back in Autumn 2016. We'll keep you posted!

Playground Growing

In partnership with Myatts Fields Park and the two playgrounds, our current fortnightly workshops have been devised by the wonderful Fabrice Boltho, the Community Gardener at Myatts. Fabrice will teach you all about growing your own food, the value of nature, healthy eating and sustainable living, as well as the business of gardening (making money from the things you grow!). Father Nature has run small but successful business ideas in the past, for example making chutneys and smoothies for sale, for which we won the Lambeth Green Business Award in 2010.

Max Roach Playground
Dexters Playground

'Play and Grow' sessions are kindly sponsored by YARD clothing. See our Partners section to find out more.

If you like to know more then please see the Father Nature Events section for news on the latest workshop timetables or email Fabrice at fabrice@myattsfieldspark.info.

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